The #summerwishlist is a Summery edit of Oribe's Luxury HairCare products. Part Fantasy but All Gorgeous. Get(SOME)MoreGorgeous Now at 25% OFF until July 31 2011. Supershine Moisturizing Creme. As the name suggests, Super AND Shiny. And special attention all of you Gorgeous Blondes, this particular "end use" product is of immediate value to you and your extra loved tresses. A little Supershine will go a long way in protecting your hair from (while desired and, well, necessary too - vitamin D and all) the harmful though Sunny UV rays while introducing a Luxe Shine. Supershine is a necessity for you, you Royal and Gorgeous Redheads, and you know who you are you Posh'n'Elegant Brunette - Get Shiny!

Beautiful Colour Moisture Masque. Have you ever wondered about how Much Better Your Gorgeous can Look and Feel Immediately? You're Gorgeous, Your Colour is Beautiful. Our intention is to make all things equal and introduce you to the magic that is Oribe's BCMM. In almost an instant, your hair will be rehydrated, your colour gleaming and your olfactory senses pleasantly overwhelmed by Oribe's gentle Cote D'Azur scent. While we use this amazing treatment in the salon with abandon, we also advise that you keep the Ruby Red jar of BCMM close to your heart and your hair. Use it everyday over the summer to moisturize and protect your Gorgeous Colour.

Dry Texture Spray. It's mid July; It's the morning after the affair that just wouldn't quit; It's a humid Monday afternoon and your Gorgeous is feeling a wee bit tired; It's Thursday evening and you wished you hadn't gone to Bikram earlier because there is a shwanky BBQ that You.Must.Have.To.Want.To.Get.To. And scene over...Dry Texture is Hair Porn, really. Stop your whining and blast Volume, Texture, and Modern into your hair from the roots up. To try Dry is to Love Dry. Get Glam, You Gorgeous Thing.

Magnificent Volume Shampoo. So, you did go to that Bikram class. And to make matters hotter, or worse, that pseudograssrooted Yogi has A) vehemently rejected her iPhone weathercast and turned off the solar powered air conditioning outift in the studio reception area and, B)  also forgotten to refill her Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo dispensers...Oops, I may have just called someone out. Whatever, I'm just sayin'. MagVolume to the Rescue. Sebum, like Guilt, accumulates. Mag Volume takes no prisoners. Slough off that Yogi's ideology and amp up your Gorgeous.

24K Gold Pomade. You've decided to slick your Gorgeous down. Cool. I'm cool with that. The slick is Hot, it's Mod, it's Proud...but it doesn't Ever have to be Boring. How about this? Use a bit, or use a lot, of 24K Gold at the part (because you have parted your hair because you know Kate Hepburn would have and you know that Kate was as Hot as it got). I wouldn't worry if a little bit of the Sparkle ends up high on your cheekbone, or into your temple. What the hell, what's a wee bit of Sparkle behind your ear? 24K is Hot. Flirt with 24K this summer - I sort of half dare you to let the super fine Gold flakes fly and wipe a suggestive amount onto your shins, your shoulders too. And don't be surprised if your Poitrine gets a little extra attention...Everything is just a wee bit better with Sparkle.